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Been swiping endlessly on Tinder and Bumble but getting nowhere? 


90% of the time women swipe left not because you're ugly - but because your bio and picture selection sucks. We're here to help with that. 

- Selina & Lucy

We're sick of guys with sub-standard profiles... and chances are you're one of these guys if you aren't getting matches. So, we're helping you.


We're going to get you more matches, have you go on more Tinder dates, and ultimately get you laid more.For the first time ever you'll have 2 women dedicated to honestly and candidly telling you exactly where you're going wrong and what you need to fix.


We'll judge you out of 10 on the creativity and appeal of your pictures, bio, style and wit. We'll also review some of your messages and tell you why you're not getting any replies.

Be part of the first 50 to get reviewed for free by signing up now!  - Selina & Lucy




When women swipe we judge your profile pic in a matter of nano-seconds - so, it's incredibly important to know what settings, backgrounds and colours etc work.



Are you quoting Zoolander in your bio? Wow, well done - super original (not). We'll help you come up creative bios tailored for your personality.



Got the matches but not getting the replies? Stop using stupid openers. We'll show you how to personalize your opening messages uniquely for every girl.

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Be part of the first 50 to sign up and get your profile reviewed for free! 

If you're not part of the first 50, profile reviewal costs $20. 


How it works:

We set up a Skype session with you where we go through your profile together to identify weaknesses, strengths and opportunies to improve. We'll look at your selection of photos, your bio, your messages and every contributing factor to get a girl to swipe right, give you your phone number and agree to go on a date! 

Be part of the first 50 to get reviewed for FREE!

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